Place Where You Live:

Laguna Beach, California

More Than Just a Place

When most people hear the place Laguna Beach there are multiple opinions that come straight to mind. The most popular opinion would probably be Spoiled or living in “The Bubble”. Fancy cars driving by a coastal view, or adults walking hand in hand along the shore without an ounce of worry or stress crossing their minds. On the other hand, my opinion is quite different. When I hear Laguna Beach, all that comes flooding to my mind is memories. To me, Laguna is where I first learned how to surf and boogie board, spending countless frustrated hours in the water with my dad, wave after wave. Laguna is finishing a long tiring day by walking back to my grandparents house sunburnt and sandy as ever, awaiting whatever meal my grandma had whipped up for me. Laguna Beach is where my sister and I got along best, as if somehow the waves wiped away any start of an argument. It’s where I spent my favorite childhood years performing and making art projects at school so I would come home to my mom showering me with compliments. Or shaking with nervousness during a school play while I scanned the audience for my family. Laguna Beach is moments spent with my best friends, making last minute memories before we all went our separate ways. It’s the smell of a late night bonfire and hoping with all our might the cops would let us continue on with our night. Laguna is where I could hear my heart pounding in my chest as I leaned in for my first kiss, my head swirling with hundreds of different thoughts. It’s where I could leave the stress of my life behind and put my toes in the sand with an automatic sigh of relief. Laguna Beach means so much more than just the words, it’s my favorite memories.