Place Where You Live:

Laurinburg, North Carolina

Laurinburg, North Carolina is a southern small town in Scotland County that is talked about by many for being a poor little town with nothing to do. Most of the time, the people who say these things are the ones who have never lived here but only pass through. Though despite the talk and the dislike by those who know nothing about it, Laurinburg NC is my hometown and I couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else but here. Yes, there are some disappointing things about this town that are not always great but what town doesn’t have some of those right? Overall, Laurinburg NC is a small town but the people who live here and certain aspects about it make it worthwhile.

In this small town, everybody knows everybody from across the county and the common meet up location is Walmart. You meet your family members there, your friends there, your classmates, your teachers, and maybe even your future in-laws. You can’t go to Walmart without running into somebody you know and end up talking for hours. Community events such as the John Blue Festival, Relay for Life, Laurinburg after Five, and Christmas on Main are what keeps this small little town alive. However, the main highlight about Laurinburg North Carolina is that it is home to Scotland High School in which I am proud to have graduated from in June 2016 also known as the home of the Fighting Scots! Friday nights are our favorite nights and we rep the red and blue all over Pate Stadium!

Laurinburg, North Carolina is one of those towns where it seems as though everyone is family. It is a community oriented town that despite not having many places to go, we make the best of what we have and roll with what we’ve got. Some may say it’s boring, some may say it’s poor, but it’s my hometown and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Call it what you want but what can I say, I guess I’m just a small-town girl.