Place Where You Live:

Leonia, New Jersey

As I stand there with a fist full of yellow and orange stained leaves I think at how serene this place is when fall rolls around. It’s like once you step outside and breath the crisp air with lingering scents of the cooking that my grandmas been making for hours. Its also like taking a walk next door to my uncle and aunt’s house to play with the dog in the giant puddles of leaves in the front. Or it could even be picking up a pizza at the local shop where everyone knows everyone just to come home and watch a movie and pig out. Just Imagine as a someone who spent most of her childhood in this place the simple things like a crackling fireplace or going outside to “help” dad rake the leaves it makes you and anyone else believe that this is the place that every book or movie talks about when a little town comes to mind.

I remember this distinct moment when I came back to this place for christmas and it was like the feeling I get coming back never changes, I will never get enough. This town is also not a place where you could ever get old of it. It’s always changing but the atmosphere and the feeling stays the same. Which is what I love the most about it. I just can’t wait and come back and visit it again and see the streets rustling with cars finally people noticing that this place is worth seeing. If you have a chance to go visit I suggest spending a couple days because I promise you that New Jersey it self will surprise you and you’ll definitely fall in love with it just like I did.