Place Where You Live:

Los Angeles County, California

Baldwin Park, California

The place where I grew up is a place that I can never forget. It is a placed filled with memories that can not be replaced.The laughters, stories, and smiles shared in the households are irreplaceable.

For majority of my life (10 years), I lived within the West Covina area. I moved from La Puente, to Baldwin Park, to West Covina. West Covina was a place where you could barely read the signs because the streets signs were faded. It was a place where when you pass by a big green building, you would not think it was a Kaiser. It was a place where people called it “the ghetto” but I never saw it like that. Everyone calls every place the ghetto. West Covina, La Puente, and Baldwin Park is a place I like to call my “home sweet home” and is where I plan on living after college.

My connection towards these areas are very meaningful to me. It is where I grew up. It is where I was born, where i took my first walk, where I spoke for the first time, even where I almost got hit with a car, twice! There are painful memories behind it but it is what makes it memorable. To me, a memory, good or bad, is still a memorable memory. There are not bad stories that I have heard about West Covina. Which is why it makes me feel safe. There were no busy streets where it was impossible to get to your destination. It was not dirty, the air smelled clean. Though I can not describe a lot about the place because I was so young, I can describe all the memories and what has happened in certain areas and place, which is why it has so much meaning to me.

West Covina, La Puente, and Baldwin Park has so much meaning to me because of all the memories in all the houses, especially the memories with my mom. It was a place where my family was a whole, where there were no complications. I like to think of it as a place that was a “perfect scenery.” Where no one intruded in my family, where it was just the four of us. It was a place where we would all drive the truck at night, and be able to see the clear sky with all the stars. It is where all the late night adventures occurred because I was stubborn and I could not sleep. Where we is to have big birthday celebrations because our backyard was so huge. It was a place that had so much meaning in my life that I wish I can relive. It is a place I call my home.