Place Where You Live:

Louisa, Virginia

The calm cool breeze swaying the trees as the birds chirp and animals run through the woods, the sound of streams flowing through the piedmont rolls. This quaint place is Louisa, Virginia a calming place that many call home. Louisa is home, because Louisa is a center point of three major cities in the center of Virginia, the nuclear power plant that powers the surrounding areas in from Louisa giving money to the county, and being a rural area there are plenty of places to travel.

Louisa sits in between three major cities Richmond, Charlottesville, and Frederiksberg. This makes it easy to make it to entertainment like bowling or movies. Louisa borders all of the cities. People are always friendly when going to these cities and willing to help when you need it.

The North Anna Power Plant, a nuclear power plant located in Louisa that was built in 1978. The plant came with many great benefits, having the nuclear plant required a lot of water so a lake had to be built which gave everyone a place to go swim, fish and go boating. The greatest benefit of Having a power plant that distributes to a wide area leads to a large income for the county.

Rural areas are great places to have a good time and not have to worry about bothering the neighbors. The vast woods and hundreds of acres of land lead to games like paintball and air-soft. Playing hide and seek in the woods, making it almost impossible to find the other players. There are so many things to do in the rural areas of Louisa.

In conclusion, Louisa is the best place to call home because it is the center point of three cities, it is home to the North Anna Power Plant give tons of jobs and a lake for people to enjoy, and being a rural area it is great for adventures and fun times with friends. Louisa is home to a great community and wild life that is tranquil and calm.