Place Where You Live:

Manchester, New Hampshire

Welcome to ManchVegas or you might just know it as Manchester, New Hampshire. Manchester isn’t just where Adam Sandler was born and raised, or where Frank Lloyd Wright designed The Zimmerman House. Not only is it the biggest, most diverse city in New Hampshire, it’s the place I call home.
The historical art, architecture, and culture are what draws people to this city. From the old mills to the train tracks to the place where I dwell, Manchester and the people who I have met here are what have inspired me. Many people do not enjoy Manchester as much as I do, but that is because I see it from a different point of view.
This city is not the only place I have lived, but I have lived here for most of my life. I grew up along the Merrimack River in the southern suburbs of the city. I worked in the historic millyards which have been renovated for new businesses and universities. I have walked up and down the brick sidewalks of Elm Street, the longest dead end road in the country, listening to live music, walking to hockey games and concerts, or stopping to enjoy a classic breakfast from the Red Arrow Diner. Because of the diversity, you don’t need to travel far in order to experience a different country’s culture. People have come from all over to find their own success here in this thriving city.
Manchester is what inspired me to continue my education. However, this new chapter in my life has pulled me farther away from my home. I constantly talk about where I am from and the people that have helped set me out on the path to success. This city and the relationships I have here are what inspire me to follow anything I set my mind to. I am studying to become an Architect, and even though Manchester is not a good example of architecture and design, it has gotten me started. No matter where my dreams and careers take me in this world, I will always call Manchester my home.