Place Where You Live:

Marcellus, New York

When I first arrived at college I found myself getting asked the same question over and over again. That question that I repeatedly was getting asked was, “Where are you from”. Before this I have never really had to think about describing where I come from, let alone try and convey that information to a complete stranger who more than likely doesnt know where Marcellus is. Being asked this question all the time really made me think about where I came from. Answering this question is not an easy task for me, so many big pivotal moments in my life have happened in this quite little town, and I feel that those events shape my view of the town.
When I think of Marcellus, NY there are a few words that stand out to me, beautiful, friendly, and humble. Marcellus has one streetlight right in the middle of town. If you go straight out of the village on the turnpike you will run right into Syracuse. Every morning lines of cars make their way through the center of town, on their work commute to the city. In between the rush hour times, the town seems to really settle down. The look of the town is nothing fancy, it’s a down to earth place, with a certain vibe about it that makes you feel at home.
Marcellus sits right at the bottom of this incredibly scenic valley. Nine mile creek flows right through Marcellus. Its rapids twists and turn making its way to the end of the town line, but before it leaves Marcellus for good the water crashes over Marcellus Falls. I’ve had my fair share of cliff jumping at this spot. The most visible trait of my town is the school buildings. All three buildings of our school are all located in the same place. The Elementary school sits at the top of a hill in between the high school and the middle school. To be honest it looks like a mini college campus. I think that the school system and how it is orientated really embodies the essence of the town of Marcellus.
Marcellus is my home and I will always be happy to visit, but I plan on writing a few more of these papers describing many different places that I will come to call home in the near future.