Place Where You Live:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Milwaukee is an underrated city. Every time I try to convince my friends to come to my hometown and visit me, they scoff and suggest that there isn’t possibly anything worthwhile in the state of Wisconsin. As if cheese and beer alone aren’t enough to convince them, there are so many qualities that make Milwaukee a unique and amazing city.
From the East Side, to the Third Ward, to the northern suburbs, Milwaukee has a lot of diverse culture as well as diversity in terrain. The center of the city is full of life and energy, but escape from the noise is never far. There are farm fields a couple miles away, a peaceful river wrapping around the city, countless trails to hike and endless places to explore.
When I walk down my street from my house to the end of the block, I find myself overlooking the most gorgeous, sparkling water that exists. Lake Michigan is the sixth largest freshwater lake in the world. I have lived next to this great lake for the vast majority of my life and I never get sick of sitting at the breakwater and watching the waves crash into the rocks.
Milwaukee is big enough to give you the feeling of a large city, but small enough to make you comfortable to walk around and explore. Although I wish everyone had the fortune of experiencing Milwaukee, I hope people take the time and see what more their city has to offer.