Place Where You Live:

Mono Hot Springs, CA

Mono Hot Springs, CA



from the truck bed

onto granite slab

river stone

smooth of the South


Fork of the San Joaquin

Up a dirt road

to Kaiser Pass

I rise

the way mountains are made


and still

Before us Bear Dome

Devil’s Table

place names

familiar faces


As the asters open

the orchids and arnica

milkweed and lupine

my friends and I




We put down our rucksack

and tin cup and talk


sew a rough hem


where water is vapor

is liquid

I hear the trout

are good

and rainbow


The pools linked

by footprints

See how we went

to Old Pedro

to Little Eden


above the one

on the bank

its soft walls

washed away

merging cold warm


Swirl and sound

of hands to hide

drum circle

a Miwok tribe

at the campground


with their fire


I can

evening primrose

petals pop and twist


Ursa major

and me a mirror


and steaming

on rock


I dreamt

through the night

black bear

by my side

My friends tell it


to memory

A shadow

came “this close”

to her