Place Where You Live:

Mullens, West Virginia

Mullens, West Virginia is where I am from. I have lived here for all 19 years of my existence. It is a very small town full of friendly people that you would consider family. I live by the only caution light in the small town on the left side. Then you make another left and travel down a small road until you see a house with huge shady trees. On the left side is an old woman with security cameras and on the right is an abandoned hollow home. Then out if front is train tracks and it doesn’t matter the time if a train is coming through and you’re not used to it you will be woke up.

The people here although nosy are like family. Everyone knows everyone and if you have stuff you don’t want know you don’t talk about it. Seeing as how it is a very small town there isn’t much to do so everybody finds mischievous things to do. Everyone is loud and rowdy and that is the public image of Mullens..roughnecks.