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My Lovely Hometown Daegu, South Korea

Suseong Lake

Deagu is the central city of the Yeongnam region which is the southeastern part of the South Korea. This city is a basin surrounded by such mountains such as Mt. Palgongsan and Mt.Biseulsan. Daegu is an inland city not far from the sea. Its continental climate is due to the mountains surrounding the city, which block the wind from the sea. So in summer, it is hotter than any other city.

So whenever I feel hot, I used to go Suseong Lake which is a famous place for Daegu citizens. This is the place that I like to spend most of my time. It provides not only comfortable place for citizens, but it is also a beautiful place to rest. This lake helps me to relieve my everyday stress. When I feel gloomy, I always go and kill my time there. A placid atmosphere makes me feel as if I’m free from everything. Also, cool winds make me feel refreshed. The best part of the lake is the unbelievable night view. The shine of street lights over the lake might be the best view I’ve ever seen. This looks like a jewelry box as the moon light hits it.

Every spring, a big fountain festival happens in Suseong Lake. Last year, I watched the spectacular fountain show as they spouted jet of hope. There are also a lot of colorful chrysanthemums in Daegu. The Chrysanthemums Festival is held annually in fall. Every family and couples came to see many kinds of chrysanthemums flower and spend enjoyable time. Every time I go to this festival, I surprise by the marvelous flower scent and various characters of flowers. I cannot explain how beautiful they were then. I was lost in the fragrance of flowers whenever I go there. Chrysanthemum means happiness in the language of flowers. Even though each flower has different meaning according to its color, the white chrysanthemum has a unique meaning. Since Buddhism regards it as praying for reincarnation, it has been used in funerary rites for hundreds of year.

I believe my hometown is the most beautiful city in South Korea. I recommend people to come to my town and hope to enjoy marvelous places such as Suseong Lake. I am sure that these places will bring people an amazing peace and give them fresh energy.