Place Where You Live:

North Hollywood, California

Circus Liquor Store in North Hollywood

From the sound of the airplanes to the sound of the train to the sound of the traffic passing by the main street. And hearing the different diverse music playing in their cars. From 100 degrees in the summer to 50 degrees in the winter. Having everything on the tip of your fingertip walking to the supermarkets, parks and school. Going to the malls, theaters and restaurants in 10 minutes. Greeting all your neighbors with “ Buenos Dias,” “ Buenas Tardes,” and “ Buenas Noches” everytime you walk out of your home. Coming back home late and not able to find parking so you have the rush to get home early to find good parking spaces. From being scared to park in the main street because crazy drivers or drunk drivers will pass by over the speed limit and 50/50 chance they are going to hit your car. In the morning waking up to a crash car or just hearing a screech noise in the middle of the night and waking up to make sure your car was not the one that was hit. Having a diverse community and being supportive with each other to having a gay club in the corner of my high school on Burbank Blvd and Vineland Blvd and also having the famous circus liquor store and having a rehab center on the same street.

Lazy and impatient to get on the 405 freeway to go to the Santa Monica pier but also having an amazing view in Mulholland drive near the 101. Going up and down on Cahuenga Blvd every weekend night to go to Universal Citywalk and Universal Studios. On each street you can find all types of foods from Mexican to Armenian food to different types of bars. But also having different ways to workout and stay active to the chandler bike path to multiples gyms and dance studios in every corner. Having multiple parks around the community from the Valley skate park to North Hollywood park to the Whitnall dog park. Always finding new adventures to do because is just full of diversity. A beautiful city during the day and during the night because it is rich in diversity of cultures.