Place Where You Live:

Ojai, California

Downtown Ojai

I have lived in Ojai my whole life. Ojai is a very peaceful small town with a population of 7,585 people where the community is very close. It is surrounded by the beautiful Topa Topa Mountains filled with endless hikes. It can be found in Ventura County, East of Santa Barbara. Ojai is just twenty minutes away from the amazing ocean breeze. When people ask us where we are from, we get either two kinds of reactions. They have either never heard of Ojai or they call it the hippie town.

Walking downtown you are sure to run into people you know, whether it is going to Libbey Park or to the grocery store. If you see horses on the main streets do not be alarmed. This is normal. Be prepared to get stuck in traffic driving through Ojai Avenue, especially on the weekends or any holidays. For a town that most people have never heard of we sure do get a lot of tourist. One thing that Ojai is known for are our pink moments over the Topa Topa Mountains. Just seeing the mountains that surround you turn to a light pink color. If you are lucky the clouds will reflect the color. During the day, you can drive up to the Ojai Valley sign and get a great scenery of the whole town looking over the mountains. At night this spot becomes perfect for stargazing.

Some people might say that Ojai is a boring town because not that much goes on. It is always the same things that go on every year, but it is those things that make Ojai, Ojai. It is the Friday night games at the high school, Ojai Day, and the Music Festival that brings the community together. People that think Ojai is a boring town just have never took advantage of what this town offers. I am glad to have grown up in Ojai, California my hometown.