Place Where You Live:

Ontonagon, Michigan

I felt the hot summer sun on my skin as I was sitting on the beach in Ontonagon, at the township park. The sun was about to set within the hour as the most vibrant orange started to fill the sky as the lake was calm. Off in the distance to the left of me was something of beauty, it was the majestic outline of the Porcupine Mountains.

I got in my car and decided to drive the thirty minutes it takes to get to God’s beautiful country. On my travels to the mesmerizing Michigan State Park, there were miles of radiant shoreline. The water from the lake glistened as the sun was going down, more as I got closer and closer to the park. I first came upon the Porcupine Mountain Outpost with the biggest stuffed black bear I had ever seen out in front. I stopped and bought the biggest chocolate soft serve ice cream cone and ate it as fast as I possibly could before I jumped back into my car and drove passed the Union Bay Campground. The workers were just getting done trimming branches from trees and cutting the grass. The aroma soon filled my car as I drove with my windows down towards the Lake of the Clouds scenic overlook.

The gigantic mountain covered with a beautiful green blanket of virgin timber sand shrubs was being climbed by my car. On the way to the top you could see many different places along the way to stop and go for an adventurous hike, but I decided to keep driving. I made it to the top of the mountain and got out of my car and took a huge breath of fresh, warm mountain air.

Finally, I noticed some signs and a beautifully crafted boardwalk through the enchanted forest to locate the scenic overlook. I walked over to the edge of the rocky hillside and looked down. I looked at complete beauty as I seen the trees, the sky and the sunset into the lake down below. I now understand why they call it Mirror Lake. It was a mirror reflection of everything around it in the lake. It looked as if Bob Ross had just gotten done painting it. Pure perfection and raw.