Place Where You Live:

Oxnard, California

The soft pitter patter of raindrops changed into harsh constant sound. I couldn’t help but think that i was safe and dry in the comfort of the apartment little me lived in. Just like now, me at the tender age of four loved adventures, i thrived off of it.

My mother had suggested we take a walk in the rain. I loved the rain, much like i do now and didn’t want to waste a single second. I hurriedly threw on my little yellow raincoat with boots to match. My mom had me dress so stylish like that. We grabbed our umbrellas to shield us from the harsh outdoors and went on our way. My mother watched as i would make large stomps as if i were stomping grapes into the puddles. However, i never played in the mud because my mother recalled me, “never wanting to get messy” so i didn’t do that type of thing.

My mother and I had good times then just like we do now. Sometimes we’ll be shopping, eating our favorite foods, or just watching ridiculously funny or scary shows like The Walking Dead or Scream Queens. She’ll talk about that one rainy day. Of course we talk about other days too, like how she would take me to Dairy Queen to get the Blizzard of the Week while she got a Peanut BUster Parfait every week in Elementary. One time we were both sick at the same time and my dad had to go pick up our beloved ice cream for us. Or in middle school how i played hooky so we can have a Mother Daughter Day. we did the same type of thing in high school, especially around the holidays. We’d wake up early to go Black Friday shopping with my aunt while it’s still dark out, “Santa Baby” blasting through the speakers in the car while we have the heat on. For some reason, we always go back to that gloomy winter day. To others it was probably just any other dreary, boring, and rainy day. But to me it was one of the best days.