Place Where You Live:

Oxnard, California

Sign of Oxnard with agriculture dispalyes

Where is that? The question that I get asked a lot when people wonder where I’m from. The typical response to this question “An hour away from Los Angeles”. Oxnard CA, sits in the county of Ventura along the southern coast of California known for having great weather and lots of beaches around. Oxnard the largest City of the county is mostly made up of Agriculture. You look one way you see agriculture, you look another and surprise you see another agricultural field. But what makes Oxnard more than just another agricultural filled city, is it the area, the weather, or the people?

It’s a combination of all these ideas placed together that makes Oxnard what it is today. There’s this one story that I recall and remember dearly, I was at the bank minding my own business when suddenly a man starts talking about how the people of Oxnard are so “generous” and how the city is so “calm and peaceful”. I’ve lived here most of my life and not once have I ever heard someone say such nice things about Oxnard. It amazes me to think that people actually believe in Oxnard to be a great growing community.

Every year during the beginning of the summer the World Famous California Strawberry Festival is held here in Oxnard. Many people from all over come here just for that festival. Growing up I always believed that the festival was just a local thing until I found out that It wasn’t just a local festival but in fact a grand event where people come to try out different strawberry related products. I remember growing up my family and I would always go to this festival. Waking up early to beat out traffic, finding parking and getting there before it got really crowded. We’d walk and talk and look around at all the different people, the smiles they had, and all the joy that was being spread around.

So maybe Oxnard Isn’t just any old regular city? It’s way more than that. Oxnard is home. It’s a place I can forever call home and place I am proud to be born in and also raised. Oxnard is growing everyday, improving, and continuing with the great community that it already has established. Oxnard California will always be in my heart and in my soul.