Place Where You Live:

Oxnard, California

The bipolar weather city is what most people describe where I live. One second it is scorching hot, to the point where you basically wake up with sweat, then all of a sudden it is raining like El Niño with Santa Ana winds.

However, Oxnard is more than just another city with weird weather and fields of agriculture. If you open your eyes you’ll see the littlest things that makes Oxnard the best city in California. The beaches, such as Mandalay Shores, are always filled with families having fun and you can literally feel the happiness in the air. The festivities that the community holds every month will always make you feel serene and at home.

There was a time, nonetheless, where Oxnard was known as “ghetto.” Due to stories of colonia, the cholos that would roam around at night, and the names most people say of homes in Oxnard. Little Africa is the name that was given to the apartment complex where I live. Why? I have no clue. It is seriously a stupid name, but it stuck around. Names like this one or the Blue Ghetto should not classify this city as trash. I also think that it is known as ghetto because of the trash that you’ll see when roaming around town. Nevertheless, those factors should not portray Oxnard.

In all my seventeen years of living in Oxnard, I have been happy and proud to say that I live here, no matter what most people say or think. Oxnard has the best places to hang out with friends and families, and you’ll always remember the memories you make. Sure some parts may not hold the luxurious standards many people hold in their minds, but look past those things and you’ll always make memories with the ones you love.