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Oxnard, California

"Can I get uhhh"

Every generation of teens has a different location to represent their adolescence. In one generation, the “hot-spot” where everyone would meet up was the diner with milkshakes, jukeboxes, and checkered floors. Here in present day Oxnard, Toppers Pizza Place is home for socializing. Although it was never officially established, it is understood that Toppers is the place to be before or after a football game, basketball game, or any other school event. Every freshman and sophomore at Pacifica would be able to tell you how they spent all of their time and walking back and forth from school to Toppers because of the struggle of having no car. To attend Pacifica High School would be to faithfully be at Toppers. My favorite is the Hawaiian Heat. Another gem in the midst of the city is In and Out. Getting both your license and car was a big deal in high school because it meant now that us juniors and seniors graduated from walking to Toppers to driving to In and Out. We will always and forever have our love for Toppers but the fact that we are mobile we feel obligated to drive. In and Out is the epitome of teenage galore after long nights. The teenagers loves the closing hour at 1:00 A.M., mostly because it represents rebellion to our parents by being out and about instead of home at that late hour. After a school dance, party, or a movie night, In and Out tasted the best because you were hungry. At the end of the day Oxnard is the because we have two of the best food chains in the world to only found in the South Western parts of America. It blows my mind that there are people out there who have never experienced these sensations.