Place Where You Live:

Paragon IN

         I live at a remote location near the hamlet of Paragon, Indiana on 14 acres of pasture and woods among hills and ravines created by the termination of the glacier from the ice age era.  It is a quiet, introspective place offering opportunity to embrace natures many life forms and functions.  i have lived on this land for 10 years sharing it with my companions Orion and Venus.  Orion is a border collie and Venus is an Australian shepherd. These two K9s are very intelligent and their natural genetic ancestry aligns ideally to this habitat.

         Day to day offers a sense of celebration as the close attachment to Earth is profoundly spiritual.  Absent are the complexities of urban zones offering opportunity to grasp a spectrum of life not available to many among modern day culture.  

          Early spring as I ventured out the dew glistened on the pasture’s grass and the bright, blue sky mingled with large white clouds as a flock of boisterous crows traversed with a destination only known to them.  This moment tweaked my attendance yielding to the language of this new day.  The morning voice of nature speaks softly.  In the shaded woods the May apple spread their fan of leaves low, in clusters of spring enchantment, seeding quickly to be gone by summer.   

           A power exists in nature, mirroring life, guiding us from human created misadventures and chaos.  Living at this place allows for reflection and feelings reaching a higher intensity of living.  

           As humanity continues to create its own environment, distancing itself from the fruitful joys discovered in the hinterlands, it does cause wonder and questions.  Technology has pushed work into a lethargic place, driven indoors.  Are we experiencing a technological learning curve, or is this an electron of misdirection?  In the meantime I listen to crows.