Place Where You Live:

Pelican Lake, Minnesota

Calm Day on the Water

My family’s car came to a halt as we turned into a gravel driveway. A small baby blue house sat on top of a hill, overlooking the clear waters of Pelican Lake. It was my favorite time of the year. A time for endless cannon balls and gigantic smiles that never faded. We had arrived at my family’s lakeside cottage.

One day, the temperature spiked a record high, so my family decided to go inter-tubbing in hopes of cooling off. All of a sudden, the wind shifted and we were caught in a downpour. Located too far away from our cottage, we decided to go to a lakeside bar and grill. Vibrant blue and red lights illuminated every corner of the restaurant, giving it an authentic small town feel. Even though we were inside, I never kept my eyes from watching the outside world through the windows. Cars drove by ferociously, the rain came down in sheets, and the wind blew trees vigorously side to side. My curiosity was ignited by the collage of moving parts. A multitude of questions came to mind, but I longed to know why the downpour had occurred and when was it going to end. Sitting in a leather covered booth that day activated a part of me that not only thinks about myself but thinks about my role in this world in relation to my peers.

Unfortunately, this place that I have come to know so well is gone now. Even though it is in the hands of a new owner, I will always find comfort and amazement through the thought of memories I have created here. Every detail of the little blue cottage is ingrained in my mind and is expressed in the outer edges of my personality. This place sparked my curiosity to seek not only the simple wonders of the life but to see the bigger picture. I will forever hold this place close to my heart.