Place Where You Live:

Phenix, Virginia

My home is the gridiron.

As I run through the dark tunnel and see nothing but green artificial turf, the stomps of the bleachers above rumbling sounding like a thunderstorm approaching. The feeling of two tons burrowing down on my chest, the anxiety is overwhelming. It’s the only place where I can express myself fully without being judged. It’s a place where people go to be entertained by those who invest early morning and late night of preparation for one common goal. A place where you struggles are non existent, nothing else matters besides focusing and demolishing your opponent to ultimately win the game.

More than 90% of the year you can find me on the gridiron, it’s a place that I could call home since the age of 5. Home is where you’re groomed and taught, and the gridiron has done more than that for me. The football field may not have all the answers but when I’m there I definitely don’t think about anything else. Do I sleep there? No! Does it have a kitchen, where I receive grandmas home cook meals? Definitely not, however football has taught me very important things that helped me in life and continue to assist me today. From the grueling practices smelling like a dirty sock drawer, and of course game day its help shaped me into the young man I’m today.

On the gridiron I’ve learned mostly about persistence and the understanding of hard work, but most importantly I learned the importance of relying on others, even if you don’t necessarily want too. Some people may not understand all the things Football has done for me and others. But without it I don’t think I would be as successful as I am today. This is why the Field is my home! My domain, the place where go to get my thoughts together.