Place Where You Live:

Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland has been my home forever. Well, not really Portland. I grew up in Milwaukie Oregon. Fifteen minutes outside of Portland, so it’s safe to say I grew up in Portland. My suburb is a stereotypical depiction of lower middle class America. House after house, connected by side streets, sidewalks, walking trails and a giant highway running right down the center. A massive grocery store up the street, summer picnics on the river, trips to the park with my siblings and barbecue after barbecue after barbecue. My childhood could not be classified as more stereotypical. Yet for me, it was a trap. I have never been one for small spaces, the stereotypical depiction of small town America, or close knit communities. I knew I always wanted more; for me, a trip into Portland was an escape. I could come to Portland and be blown away by the vast spaces, massive buildings, and an incredibly vibrant scene. A refreshing escape. Combined with the massive waterfront park, complete with the massive Rose festival, plenty of mountains, waterfalls, forests and beaches, all within a short drive of Portland, I have always been hooked on my city and all its unique Beauty. The place where I live is Portland, Oregon… and it is my home.