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Portland, Oregon

A Place Where You Live

I grew up in Portland, which is a region known to rain a lot. As a child, I would always take advantage of the warm summer evenings by taking walks with my family after dinner. In fact, the most vivid memories I’d remember were mainly in the summertime. I love the way the sun hits your skin, leaving a tingly feeling of a burn, and how the scents in the air smell refreshingly different from all the other seasons.

Step by step, we finally arrive at the park. When I recognize the park, I would run to it right away as my heart thumps to the excitement. Although the park didn’t have any playgrounds for swings for us to play on, there were multiple fields of fresh green grass for us to roll around in. The natural raw scents of freshly cut grass had us playing frisbee in it as well as soccer, tag, and performing cartwheels. My feet sunk into the soft, but somewhat perky grass with every contact between my feet and the grass. There was also a beautiful pond at the park that we would walk towards in order for us feed the ducks. Feeding one after another, it suddenly became terrifying because by the end, I would have attracted a colony of ducks waddling towards me.

Because of the time change in the summer, the sun does not set until 9 pm and I loved it since it meant that I could spend more time at the park. Although this was the case, every happy moment eventually comes to an end, and that moment for me was when the sun prepares to set. With the temperature being warm enough to wear a T-shirt at night, but not hot enough to be sweating in the heat, step by step we walked back home and I would look forward to our next trip to the park.