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Portland, Oregon

What makes Portland so Portland? The city of Portland, Oregon is well known for being called the “City of Roses”. In fact, the Moda Center was called the “Rose Quarter” before the name was bought by the “Moda” health insurance company. As you walk through the Rose Garden, you can see that there are various amounts of flowers around the entire Rose Garden. Many of the tourists and locals will notice that there isn’t only one shade of color in the roses displayed amongst the garden. The colors can range from different kinds of shades of almost each color of the rainbow; some flowers also have a mixture of two colors or even three that makes the entire rose so unique and beautiful. I remember as a child, running through the rose garden cheerfully singing “Here comes the bride!” with petals in my hand ready to be thrown. The sound of birds tweeting and the sound of people chattering; so many different noises are echoed around the air as you walk through the garden. It’s always nice to visit the Rose Garden in the spring and summer season, because if you go to the Rose Garden during the fall and winter season, all you’ll see is a field full of bare branches and bushes that don’t have any petals of flowers on them. This Rose Garden isn’t any ordinary garden you are probably picturing at the moment. As you are walking through the garden, there are little paved sidewalks for you to step on as you are observing the gorgeous flowers. Several stone statues are also displayed around certain areas of the Rose Garden, each of which tell a story of why that monument/statue is there. The Rose Garden is a wonderful place full of beautiful flowers and an astonishing local history. It contains many wonderful memories of mine and tourists who stop by will surely agree!