Place Where You Live:

Portland, Oregon

Life in Southwest Portland

I live in Portland on 4th Ave. Every place I’ve lived I have had Mexican food within a mile; twice it was at the end of my block. I love food and where I live currently, there is a lot of it. It is an amazing feeling knowing that not only are there a million things to do in a moments notice, but because a block of food carts are right around the corner, there are also a million things to eat. You don’t need to cook yourself a meal or drive yourself an hour away. The food is there when you need it.

Where I live, I have classes in all 4 directions. So in a way I am in the middle of the PSU campus. While my position is convenient, it also enables me to show up to class in the nick of time. I procrastinate till the absolute last minute; usually I leave 3-5 minutes before class starts. It is a curse and a blessing. Recently I started going to the gym that is a whole 2 blocks away. There is an amazing pool, basketball courts and a suspended track that hangs above. I love to use the virtual biking game. You steer in a race and the pedaling gets harder as you go uphill and the angle and resistance becomes much greater. My partner and I are excited about getting in shape and the PSU Rec Center gives us that opportunity.

I work in downtown Portland. The price of parking monthly was too expensive for my partner and I so we sold our car. Luckily work is only 12 blocks away, but at 5-6 in the morning it isn’t that fun. The early morning chill and eerie atmosphere conflict with the struggle to stay awake. But honestly the commute isn’t as bad as it sounds. I usually doze off and go into zombie mode to rest after those nights with little sleep. Because when I do finally go home it is actually light outside, I have learned Portland from Morrison St to College. My apartment, the food near me, work and recently the PSU gym play a role in my daily life. All aspects are equally important to me no matter how much of a chore the gym can be.