Place Where You Live:

Ramey Addition, West Virginia

Ramey addition is where I’m located in Pineville, West Virginia. My mother gave birth to me in Logan, West Virginia. I was raised in Simon, West Virginia for 20 years after my mother married her soulmate from high school. Then I moved to Ramey Addition and I have lived there for 2 years now. Ramey Addition is by far the best place I have ever lived.

In Ramey Addition everybody loves to get out and go 4-wheeler riding. There is not a beautiful day that doesn’t go by that people aren’t out enjoying it. Everybody in the bottom is real close just like we are brothers and sisters. When you walk out onto my front porch you see nothing but the beautiful trees of wild and wonderful West Virginia. The calm cool breeze swaying the trees as the birds chirp and animals run through the woods, the sound of streams flowing through the piedmont rolls. Ramey Addition bottom has such good people in it. If there is an emergency the people in the bottom are there faster than a phone call away.

I spend most of my days in Saulsville, West Virginia at southern West Virginia community and technical college. I am trying to earn my degree in criminal justice. I have only attended southern for a semester. I still have 2 years to go and then I will be off to State Trooper academy. Being a cop has always been my dream, but my parents don’t want me to. Everybody knows how the parents are about trying to be a cop. No matter what I will chase my dreams.