Place Where You Live:

Ruston, Louisiana

The Thing on Inspiration Point

If “Home is Where the Heart Is”, I’m afraid I cannot limit myself to one “Home”. A piece of my heart is where I was born, another where I spent my childhood, etc. But perhaps the biggest piece is in a place I spent holidays, summers, and countless good times. If you Wikipedia Ruston, Louisiana, you may not be terribly impressed. It houses Louisiana Tech University and a large Peach Festival. But Wikipedia has missed one of the very best assets to Ruston. If you drive a few miles on White Lightning Road and take a left onto Thompson Road, you’ll find yourself in a quaint little farm. Look immedietely to your left and you’ll see the field that is wonderful for 4-wheeling and dirt biking. Continue down the drive way and you’ll see my uncle’s house. After about a quarter mile you will come to a pond. Stop for a minute to fish. I happen to know there are plenty of catfish – I made my very first catch in this very pond. Walk the shore of the pond until you get to a duck blind. Feel free to shoot at any wild geese, but steer clear of the domesticated ones. My grandfather is quite fond of them. By now, you will have caught site of a beautiful farm house, with a porch that wraps around it. Have a seat on the back porch swing with my grandmother and enjoy a cold Cola. Once you feel rested, you have to ask my grandpa to take you to Inspiration Point. It happens to be my favorite spot on the whole farm. It sits by the old barn that used to house a horse named Mr. Ed, but now houses a Volkswagen Thing that I learned to drive manual in at the ripe old age of 13. To you, it might look like a simple clearing, but go ahead and walk to the top and you will find it is much more. The view at the top is wonderful, isn’t it? I made many forts and took dozens of walks in those woods that you see. If it is summer time, I apologize for the overwhelming humidity, but take a minute to shoot some archery or some skeet. If it is a bit cooler, build a bonfire and roast some marshmellows. Once you’ve taken in all you can, walk on down to the woods and just start walking. I can promise you there is something in the trees that makes your thoughts clearer and your worries vanish. On your way out, take a second to enjoy the farm across the way. My grandmother is set on my marriage to the boy who lives there, and sometimes, I’m alright with the idea. The neighbors are wonderfully friendly here in Ruston, so if you wish, I’m sure you could stop on in.