Place Where You Live:

Sagg Pond, Sagaponack, New York

Two years in the life of a pond
is but a small drop in this
great water body – it is nothing
in terms of time – but outside of our binding to linear time say in the gesture of a heron as he stalks the waters in his slow precise movements – it reaches beyond into mystery and not knowing. This is being time…wild times.

Here Sagg Pond, its substance, the brackish waters of salt and minerals from earth and sky – this ever changing conversation with the sea, the reed beds and the wild creatures that come and go with each passing season has been my place of grace and raw beauty, a refuge where i open to the secret of things and feel the spark of my own aliveness

Here through writing and visual recording I acknowledge and honor beauty, place, non-separateness. It is through this entrance into and coming to know a place deeply that i can
surrender to being. This is the traffic of love