Place Where You Live:

San Diego, California

Directions to my house (San Diego):

Where are you coming from?

If you are coming from the East, as I did, cross the Divide, cross the desert, the Salton Sea, the Imperial Valley. After Coyote Mountain Wilderness, follow the river, even if there is no water. Follow the Indian trail through Mission Gorge. Pass El Capitan, where the Kumeyaay lived until the dam, Congress, washed them away. Pass Viejas Casino, where they live now. Follow their trail, now Interstate 8, past the Mission, into Mission Valley. If you get to Fashion Valley Mall or Sea World, you’ve gone too far.

If you are coming from the South, bring ID, a thick skin, a strong back. Bring hope. Leave everything else you have behind.

If you are coming from the West, don’t forget your life vest.

If you are coming from the North, bring rain.

If they stop you at Border Checkpoint, look straight ahead. Look white. Tell them this is your home.

If you are coming from the past, take your time. At the second decade, turn left. Bring seeds to share, to save. Bring Least Bell’s Vireo and dire wolves. Continue down that street, then turn right on Mt. Hope.

Follow the red-tailed hawks through Sweetwater Canyon. When you get to the intersection of Childhood and Old Age, keep going. You’re almost there. My house is the one with the fig tree, the bay laurel, and the Mexican bush sage. Watch out for Anna’s hummingbird, guarding the yard.

If you are coming from the future, bring wisdom, bring forgiveness.

Come any time. The door’s always unlocked and I’ll leave the porch light on. If you have any trouble, call. I’ll come and get you.

Stay as long as you like. And when you are ready, I’ll help you find your way home.