Place Where You Live:

San Diego, California

My favorite park

San Diego is the city known for diversity and its cultures, I’ve lived here for 6 years now and I’m still amazed at how beautiful and unique it is. This city has a lot to offer like food, which comes from all over the world so people can celebrate their own traditions.
Whenever I head home from school, I always pass by Colina Park where many people hang out with their friends and family. My friends warned me about how dangerous the park is due to kids fighting after school and gang violence. For me, I do not see the park that way. Colina Park symbolizes how diverse my community is and how we are all connected by having something in common. There are many facilities for everyone to enjoy such as a tennis court, a basketball court, the gym, a playground and more. The presence of the tennis court surprised me. The elderly play tennis intensely against one another and there are children being train to become better tennis players.

There was a time when I volunteered to clean this park with a club at my school. I was able to acknowledge how appealing it is and appreciate the park even more. From that moment on, I started to walk my dog with my friend and her dog to the park on the weekends. I was able to see the size of the soccer field which was the most popular area in the park. The field stood out to me the most because of the kids who usually play soccer there. Many of them don’t know each other, but I can see that they all have a common passion for playing soccer. The determination that they have on their faces makes me feel comfortable and safer at the park.

I believe my community park is the most unique and beautiful place in San Diego. I recommend people to visit my town and enjoy the wonderful places like Colina Park. I am sure that the park will give people a peaceful time and a beautiful view that they would like to see while hanging out with their friends and family.