Place Where You Live:

Scappoose, Oregon

You will hear “There is nothing to do” a lot from kids in this seemingly small two mile wide town. Though I have made a lot of good memories here despite there being “nothing to do”. When I was younger I would have agreed with that statement but now that I am older I can appreciate things that most of the kids out here cannot. I can take into appreciation that we have a nature trail that leads all the way up into the hills. And if you hike up far enough and explore the woods up in the hills you are more than likely to come across a hidden temple or meditation area with statues and/or art people have made from the nature around them.

Our town seems small but there are lots of hills and woods that visitors don’t notice much. In our free time people out here like to go on adventures to explore the unknown in the outskirts of town. We go mudding or go up in the hills to places like “view point” which is a place way up in the hills where you can see all of the county or all of the stairs at night. And sometimes we just walk the trail and take in all the sights.

We do have one thing visitors notice when coming into our “plain” town. We have a candle when you come through town . It is the “Peace Candle of the World”. It is fifty feet tall and eighteen feet in diameter. And it use to be a really famous attraction but most people have forgotten about it. It use to have a real flame but it was considered too costly and dangerous to keep so now it is just a light. Despite the lack of tourist attraction in my small town I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else my home.