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Sea Bright, New Jersey

Trees in the Sand

Nestled between two large houses lies a small white cottage with a red tiled roof. One of the last original houses one can find in the small ocean town of Sea Bright, NJ. Development and an increase in vacation homes has caused most residents to adapt to this change and either expand once small beach houses into gargantuan residencies or sell their properties to large development corporations. However, this particular home has remained the same. This is largely due to the efforts of two gentle old souls, Norine and Gary Molyneux. Their love for their family and the ocean first brought them to inhabit this special place in 1979. In order to be closer to her mother, Norine and her husband moved from Rahway, NJ and purchased a small piece of property in the quiet town of Sea Bright. With the Navesink River behind them and the ocean waves just a short distance across the road and a climb over the sea wall, it provided them with the serene atmosphere they sought after. At the time of purchasing this small cottage, I doubt they realized the impact this place would have.

I spent the majority of my childhood summers in this small two-bedroom cottage. My brother and I would spend the long summer days exploring the beach and all it had to offer. We would wade in the tidal pools examining each creature and shell we would find. We would swim in the ocean, surf cast off the shore, and run down the beach trying to catch sea gulls. Countless memories have happened here in this small Jersey Shore town. Although over the years I have moved away from New Jersey, I always make an effort to come back.

Even though storms have come and gone, destroying sections of the property, their desire to remain in this little cottage by the sea has remained and will continue to linger longer after they’ve gone. My hope is that this special place will remain in the family and continue to provide endless enjoyment and comfort for many generations to come.