Place Where You Live:

Slidell, Louisiana

Most people only think or assume one thing about Louisiana, and that is that it contains green, slimy swampland and loud illiterate Cajun folk with their strange, silly accents. But I know alligator hunters and loud humming air boats are not the only thing to inhabit the land. I have been all over the south, but the state of Louisiana to me can be the most beautiful place I know and also my favorite place to be. The reason I consider it home the most is because all of my family lives there. Not only that, but here are many different types of people that live there and they are my favorite people to be with and around. Near New Orleans and the suburb town I lived in outside of it called Slidell, has marshland and it does rain lots during the summer, but it is a pretty area with people who speak proper English.

With my dad being in the Navy, we have always had to leave the area, but somehow I always find my way back to it and love it even more every time, if that’s not a home, then I don’t know what can be. The warm vibes create the beautiful environment that I have lived in for a majority of my life. Some of the earliest memories I have are here and just the feeling they give me is one of such joy. I can remember being a little kid, running down the street with my friends, some of which I am still close to until this day.

One of the only things I can think of that I really honestly dislike about the area is that it does rain a crap ton, and because Louisiana is below sea level by quite a few feet, it tends to flood areas easily. I was living there when hurricane Katrina hit back in 2006, and I remember coming back and seeing how destroyed everything was. When you are little it is harder to realize the full extent of the damage, but as I got older and I could see, I realized how unfortunate being below sea level could cause you to be. Flooding is a real problem here and makes me wonder sometimes why people settled in such a place. But regardless, it is still my home and it always will be, aside from just being born there.