Place Where You Live:

South Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles streets

Growing in up in Southern Los Angeles has made me become the person I am today. Having to live around people that get killed everyday has been shocking and disturbing. Knowing if I walk outside my house anything could happen to me or my family. We live in a dangerous community where shootings, police pursuits, rape, gang violence, robberies, sexual assaults take place. Being from South Los Angeles seems disturbing because everyone knows it as “The Ghetto.” There are times I ask myself, “What would my life be like if I wasn’t raised there?” There might be things I don’t like from Los Angeles, but I get to appreciate every one of them.

The LA weather is known as bipolar since it can be cold one day then later be hot. Having to live in LA has been such a pleasure because there are others that are less fortunate. You value what you have a try your best to become a better person. It becomes your choice if you want to move out from there and pursue a better lifestyle. Yes, there can be negative stuff, but you can always take the negative things first to make it better. South Los Angeles carries a huge population and it’s where low income families come from. We get rude comments because of where we come from. But you want to know something? We all see each other as a family. I understand why many people defend each other and it’s because of where they come from. There are less opportunities and that’s where the hatred comes. I value my place, not because of how it looks, but the way I was raised. I see others who are well privileges and it makes me happy because they don’t have to go through tough situations. Then we have those who have what they desire and sometimes things aren’t appreciated. My beautiful home town where you learn how to live with what you have.