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Tanner Park, New York

The famous sideways tree

It’s 8 PM. The sun goes under the horizon and the park lights turn on. It’s a typical summer night at Tanner Park. It smells of hot dogs and pretzels. The sky is clear but the ground is slightly foggy from dirt being kicked up. All the baseball fields are full. Kids are skating in the skate park, others are playing football on the field. There is a feeling of childhood joy in the air.
Tanner Park is the home to many childhood memories. In the summer time the park is always filled with people having fun. From laying on the sand at the beach to going to concerts, or even just wandering around and admiring the views, Tanner Park has created many memories near and dear to my heart.
Just a few years ago the park was destroyed due to hurricane Sandy. Thankfully the park has been fully restored with new fields, a new boardwalk, and many other things. The park is perfect now. It was sad to see a place where so many memories were made be destroyed. However seeing the community come together to fix it after a natural disaster was very heart warming.
The park is just fine and memories will be made here for a long time to come.