Place Where You Live:

Tewksbury, Massachusetts

When you pass my town by the highway for a nice Massachusetts cruise on an spring afternoon, you would not think twice of thinking “hey maybe we should stop by and visit the old town of Tewksbury, Massachusetts.” My town is a small, yet historic indian town that was formed a little over a couple of hundred years ago. Once apart of the an adjacent town, Billerica, it is home to great walking paths and a calm and desolate environment that most New Englanders love to have. The keys of your common New Englander is hard working, passionate for what they do, and nearby to friends family. I would say that a resident of Tewksbury carries out all the keys to a great New Englander through giving their all in everything they do, love their home, and are a manageable drive to Boston, the hub of New England. This untravelled path has a few tricks that would fool the common eye of a traveller.