Place Where You Live:

Texarkana, Arkansas

A place where I am from

My Dorm

I used to feel like I am trapped in a box, filled with aspiration to move on from my old room to something better. I go to the window and close my eyes and I’m no longer on the sixth floor I am on the first floor, looking at a crooked tree with no leaves, small patches of brown grass, a small creek a few feet from my window with very little water in and trees on the other side of the creek so I cannot see the houses on the other side. I open my eyes and there’s no grass anymore only tall buildings surrounding me, and bright lights. I sit on my twin size bed and close my eyes, my feet can touch the floor now surrounded by dirty carpet all around, straight ahead is my tv which just sits because I have no internet or cable, old brown dressers that are broken hold my clothes. I open my eyes and I see that once depressing tv turned on, no more old dressers, no more dirty carpet, no more depression, just hope surrounded by my new dorm. When I sit at my black fold-able table every time I blink I see nothing. There was no table where I used to live, no family meals, no laughter, but now I can open my eyes and I can sit around the table with friends and have a proper place to eat my meals. My closed eyes have allowed me to look around and decided I will no longer be in this box surrounded by negativity. My closed eyes do not just provide negativity. I am consumed with a rare strength. Strength to teach myself everything in school, strength to not be consumed by my environment, but yet let that negativity light a fire inside of me so I will keep me pushing so that one day I can open my eyes and see something different. With eyes opened I am surrounded by happiness throughout my dorm. It is definitely different, and this is just the beginning. I will go from a twin bed to a king, from a place that’s my own to a place I can call home.