Place Where You Live:

Woodbridge, Virginia

When people describe their home, they describe what is in the area. They don’t bring up what makes it their home. Home is a place where I can be myself and not be judge. When I imagine a place I can call home, friends and family come to mind. I feel at peace and safe when I’m at home. Home to me is called Woodbridge.

I’m in college now and I been avoiding judgment ever since I got here. I try to keep to myself and not mess with nobody as well. I’m afraid to let people see how I act around my friends. When I’m with my friends, I’m loud and active. But when I’m in an unfamiliar environment, I’m the exact opposite. I wait to see how the class acts to see if I can act how I would with my friends. I try to make new friends in the class to make it easier to be myself.

Woodbridge isn’t the biggest and most exciting place to be, but it is where all my family and friends live. There is nothing to do but go out to eat, walk around the mall, or go to the movies. I rather hangout with my family and friends then do any of those things by myself. Most of my friends I have now, I’ve known them since elementary school. We built strong relationships all the way through high school and now we have been split up by different colleges. Only to communicate by phone with no actual face to face interaction, but when we return home, we greet each other with warm hugs, strong handshakes and welcoming smiles. We reminisce all of the years that have passed, we catch up on each other, and we hangout. But I would never be the person I am now if it wasn’t for my family. My family is the reason I’m the way I am now. I like to make others laugh and feel good about themselves. My family seemed to always to do the same thing with each other. I liked to see the satisfaction that came with making a person smile. Seeing another person smile makes me feel great about myself. Knowing that I made someone else feel better just makes my day. My family brings my personality out of me the most. When were all sit in one room talk, laugh or fight, I know I’m home.
My house the end house of a row of townhouses. You walk in and we would have a shoe rack right next to the bathroom by the front door. Pass the shoe rack there is a staircase to the right and the entrance to the kitchen. The kitchen was full of appliances that were used to prepare meals. The staircases to upstairs and to the basement were symmetrical. They curved around so you would have to change the direction you were going. At the top of the stairs was the master bedroom or my mom’s room. Across the hall was another bathroom with tub and shower. At the end of the hall was my two sister’s room. Also my brother and I’s room. Our room was slightly bigger, which my sisters hated. The basement was big and where my aunt and cousin stayed. I got really cold down there in the winter but was cool in the summertime. Pass the stairs was the living room. It is where I had all of my sleepovers with my friends because my room was too small. There was a couch, loveseat, and small couch with a coffee table. They were all positioned in front of the TV. Also a computer was behind the loveseat.

When I’m home with my family and friends I feel like I’m at peace. I’m a lot more relaxed and I don’t feel like something is missing when I go to sleep at night. Knowing that they are close, well, and safe makes it home. Woodbridge will always be home to me. Even if I don’t end up living there when I get a house, I will always call it home.