And if there is a day of resurrection

then on that day may the water in the creek shimmer

green, a music never heard take shape in a hatch

of caddis and coffin flies, the air bluing as the sun’s light

dries insect wings, and the bear skull on the ridge,

the circle of porcupine quills, the mink’s eye sockets

and the coyote’s hinged jaw still clutched around the rabbit’s femur,

may all the bones of the living and the dead rise

with skeletal praise, this ancient world being remade

in their image.

Todd Davis is the author of seven full-length collections of poetry–Coffin Honey, Native Species, Winterkill, In the Kingdom of the Ditch, The Least of These, Some Heaven, and Ripe—as well as of a limited edition chapbook, Household of Water, Moon, and Snow. His poetry has appeared in Ted Kooser’s syndicated newspaper column American Life in Poetry and has been anthologized in such books as The Autumn House Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry and Bedford/St. Martin’s textbook, Approaching Literature. His poems have won the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize, the Chautauqua Editor’s Prize, the Midwest Book Award, the ForeWord INDIES Book of the Year Bronze and Silver Awards, and the Bloomsburg University Book Prize. More than 400 of his poems have appeared in such noted journals and magazines as American Poetry Review, Iowa Review, Ecotone, North American Review, Indiana Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Missouri Review, Poetry Northwest, Sycamore Review, Gettysburg Review, Orion, West Branch, River Styx, and Poetry Daily. He teaches creative writing, American literature, and environmental studies at Pennsylvania State University’s Altoona College.


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