In the Defile

We wake so rarely together, and when we do the leaves have already left horses for trees. We didn’t realize when moving to the canyon, we’d given up sunsets for good. Continue reading


Hoonah, AK In the gravel parking lot behind the blue Laundromat I find raspberries, though here in the rain arched canes are rare. Haven’t been on land in weeks— it seems Continue reading

To List (Uaałukitaaq)

The boat rocks back and forth over the waters as they rise and the land recedes from sight. The land where women bleed all the time. The land of moss and Continue reading

Empire Parable

There’s a man who sits on the shore every morning, staring at the sea. And the sea stares back, defiantly. It won’™t release its secrets easily. I’ll give you an answer Continue reading

Snow White

I dreamt I woke in winter— even the river silent, its tongue caught mid- sentence, like mine when someone looks at me too closely. It had been years since I understood Continue reading