One Saturday Morning

It was spring in Carmel. There were birds. It always feels like spring in Carmel. It still felt like deep winter back home in Fairbanks. There were Bushtits and Band-tailed Pigeons, Continue reading

Landscape with Child

The bats come on at dusk, playing between the pine trunks, shadow puppets cast against the lake’s silvering surface. I hold you: harp and harpist, bodies bound. All day power- lines Continue reading

Riddle at 29,000 Feet

You said marriage must sacrifice itself on the altar of family, but this week I read about a man who climbed back up Everest to find his missing wife. I wash Continue reading


the second time i was married it was after three weeks of drinking wine chased by hurricanes she is so damn hot i thought i mean warm & exotic so damn Continue reading