Naming the Birds

The beach is noiseless, stretching behind my father’s house, a mile of stones and driftwood for those herons, ghostlike, carefully picking their way down the shoreline, all knees and neck, looking Continue reading


On the edge of Jardin du Luxembourg nightjars fret the dark, shrikes pace the grounds, that fierce khanjar between the eyes. This week chiffchaff clocked in, flitting branch to branch on Continue reading

Full Moon

All evening the trees grow loud with a rumor passed back and forth on the ribs of cicadas. Then the yard turns blue; the old barn leans in. And what we’d Continue reading

Where the Seed Scattered

She took us through dense rows out back where fennel spurted lavish through the ground— branched green tendrils now hardening to husks amid long growth of asparagus. Inside round shells no Continue reading