The Hummingbird

A blur in the periphery, like the mind if the mind were airborne, a buzz among leaf and orange blossom, the long beak pressing quick into flower after flower, high on Continue reading

A Suggestion

Helen Plane, a Civil War widow and charter member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, spearheaded the first attempt to carve the Stone Mountain memorial. She, too, was a Klan Continue reading


The wasps are dying in my son’s bedroom, and each morning I rush to collect them before he wakes and finds them on the floor. On my knees, cheek pressed to Continue reading


Thasos, Greece You begin with the bones, their honey- combed crevasses airy and bloodless, the marrow gone to dust. You finger the hollow cranium, imagine hooking each vertebrae into place—threading together Continue reading

A Surprise of Red

brings me to you on the electric, tightrope wires; on roofs; in trees, drilling mango, naseberry mines; composing, re-composing lines; twisting leaves, twigs the mop’s white hair into a nest for Continue reading