Natural Aesthetics

It shouldn’t surprise that an animal’s size determines its voice’s timbre or that too much regard for technique loses the image that tricks presence and absence, both honey- dipped daggers. Speed Continue reading


Some say beauty             may be the egret in the field who follows after             the cows sensing slaughter— but I Continue reading

Ever-Changing Song

First a spout bursting through all that blue with the sun clanging on it, then a slope, wheeling, almost slowly, through the blue air, and four times— or maybe five—I see Continue reading

Last Fish

Tide laps up the tracks of shore birds, swallows the holes of ghost crabs, please wade towards me once more from the snarled shade of mangroves, a silhouette polished by the Continue reading

The Indiana Bats

They’re like little brown handkerchiefs waving goodbye in the sky. Goodbye oaks, dogwoods, ashes and elms. Goodbye, caves. Goodbye, mines and the coal that lit up the night. Goodbye, night that Continue reading