The Holler, The Revelator, The Voice

The Holler

O, dark dawns earlier, so
morning makes its motion later.

The day’s briefly bright—
long last shade and shadow.

But creatures here, made for
singing, singing pass the night.

The Revelator

Unknown to me, the flower—
purple petal horn, blossom bell,

a viney Victrola. Shiny hour
round here, all’s dewy. Tell

how everything all plays you,
how silently I do, too.

The Voice

I heard it first when
mainly trees were in me.

Beneath a tree one day—
treesome—I learned listening. Listen,

it’s shadowy inside a tree,
see, silent—silent green—okay?

Maurice Manning’s most recent book, The Common Man, was a finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize.