Winter 2020/2021


Starting last summer, Orion collaborated with Number Six Depot Roastery and Café, a local business near the Orion headquarters, to customize a perfect coffee to pair with every new issue.

For this Winter’s selection, we decided to name it after the brightest star in the sky—The Dog Star, or Sirius—often visible next to (you guessed it!) the Orion constellation. This coffee is bright: 100 percent organic, light-roast, single-origin from Kenya, with tealike qualities balanced by deep notes of baker’s chocolate. 

With each purchase of DOG STAR you are helping a small, independent business thrive during these uncertain times, while also supporting Orion’s operations. And who doesn’t need more coffee?

Pre-orders taken through February 8, 2021. After pre-order, we will roast and deliver immediately to ensure the freshest coffee. 12 oz. whole bean. U.S. DELIVERY ONLY.

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