Place-Based Education: Connecting Classrooms and Communities


Place-Based Education: Connecting Classrooms and Communities by David Sobel

The most comprehensive review of place-based education – its pedagogy and its practice – yet to appear, by the author of the highly influential book Beyond Ecophobia. Through academic research, practical examples, and step-by-step strategies drawn from classrooms throughout the United States, Sobel celebrates teachers who emphasize the connection of school, community, and environment. Place-Based Education uses the local community and environment as the starting place for curriculum learning, strengthening community bonds, appreciation for the natural world, and a commitment to citizen engagement.

“Place-based education requires imaginative teaching, coalition building, strategic thinking, and community oriented, hands-on learning. Sobel’s life work is a brilliant blend of these essential qualities. His book is a superb compilation of research, theory, and practice. It is compellingly and warmly presented. Sobel nurtures the reader, engendering confidence, inspiration, and care.”
—Mitchell Thomashow, President of Unity College & author of Ecological Identity and Bringing the Biosphere Home.

“Literally a landmark book, Sobel’s book belongs in the hands of every teacher in this country as a practical and inspiring guide to combining field and classroom in educating students. He offers a wealth of practical experience as well as documentation of how students and communities profit from place-based education. Parents and educators of all kinds will cherish Sobel’s work.”
—Ann Zwinger, teacher & author of The Nearsighted Naturalist and Downcanyon

Published: January 2004

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