Summer 2022: Orion’s 40th Anniversary Issue


In 1982, Orion published its first periodical. Now, we’re celebrating four decades of publishing by giving you a gift: our special 40th anniversary issue.

This issue, designed as a collectible, is a little different. To make it, we gave 40 writers and 40 artists the same prompt: when did the Anthropocene—the age of time defined by man’s imprint on planet Earth—begin?

Their answers, marked by 40 short essays adorned with 40 stunning illustrations, will blow you away. Featuring work from the likes of: Lulu Miller, Amy Irvine, Barry Lopez, Barbara Kingsolver, Martin Shaw, and many, many more.

Here’s a look at the issue’s Table of Contents.

Special thanks to NRDC for their generous funding of this issue. 

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