The Lost Words

House of Anansi Press, 2018. $40, 128 pages.  THE LOST WORDS is neither a read-on-the-commute book nor a recline-in-bed-and-prop-on-your-belly book. Its weight and unapologetic size demand it be explored on a Continue reading

Review: Eight Whopping Lies

“THIS IS WHAT I KNOW: that the small is huge, that the tiny is vast, that pain is part and parcel of the gift of joy, and that there is love, Continue reading


AFTER THE BOSNIAN War, the forests and countryside of Bosnia-Herzegovina were littered with leftover munitions and landmines. Brett van Ort’s book Minescape is a meditation on how this land was transformed Continue reading

The Gone and the Going Away

DEEP INTO THE long title poem of his 1916 book The Man Against the Sky, Edwin Arlington Robinson makes passing reference to what he calls “the book of things that are Continue reading

Ninety Percent of Everything

THE VAST, teeming, and treacherous seas cover 70 percent of the earth’s surface, but few of us understand the dark depths of the clandestine industry operating across its expansive waters. British Continue reading