Sponsorship Opportunities

Readers trust Orion magazine to provide the best thinking on how humanity can live on Earth justly, sustainably, and joyously. While the print edition has been ad-free since the magazine’s founding in 1982, the Orion website has accepted sponsorship from partner organizations on certain pages. It will now accept sponsors on additional pages, including the Orion homepage, and these sponsorships will support the high standards of publishing that our readers have come to expect.

Sponsorship will provide a direct connection to Orion’s engaged, values-driven community, which is forward-thinking and action-oriented. Just as the magazine is selective about who and what it publishes, the same is true for its prospective sponsors, which will become part of an exclusive group of recommended businesses, organizations, products, artists, and programs that enjoy access to a limited number of prime placements. Orion welcomes to its website an average of 100,000+ monthly visitors.


Types of organizations that sponsor the Orion homepage include:

Educational programs: From homeschooling resources to higher education offerings like environmental studies courses, education has long been a core interest of Orion and its readers. The Orion website is a perfect place to attract new students and advertise curricula.

Events: environmental film festivals, conferences, and annual meetings will benefit from Orion’s endorsement and attract more attendees and participants.

Publishers: Orion has an audience of people who love to read. Publishers of books, magazines, and web-only content can reach an eager and literate new audience.

Products for better living: from green home products to socially responsible investing to outdoor gear, Orion readers pay attention to products and services that are consistent with their worldview.

Campaigns: advocacy efforts aimed at labeling genetically engineered food, solarizing the economy, or halting destructive projects like Alaska’s proposed Pebble Mine will find many new action-oriented supporters at the Orion site.



Orion homepage, single placement “above the fold,” 370 x 183 pixels: $500/month

Orion homepage, three placements “below the fold,” 300 x 250 pixels: $350/month (top); $250/month (center); $150/month (bottom)

Rates for article pages, poetry pages, blog, and multimedia pages will be published as they become available.


Orion’s sponsorship philosophy:

Orion creates a community of caring for the planet. Through writing and art that explore the connection between nature and culture, Orion inspires new thinking about how humanity might live on Earth justly, sustainably, and joyously. We seek sponsorships from organizations and businesses whose mission is synergistic with ours, and whose work represents shared values and sound environmental ethics. We believe that the goods and services offered by sponsors that meet these criteria will be of high value to our readers; additionally, our readers will value a sponsor’s commitment to helping fund high-quality writing and art in Orion magazine and its publishing platforms. Sponsors are encouraged to subscribe and to promote Orion to their customers and constituents.


Orion’s sponsorship fine print:

All potential sponsorships are subject to approval by the Editor-in-Chief. Orion reserves the right to reject and/or cancel any sponsorship at any time for any reason, with the sponsor’s payment refunded in full or at a pro-rated amount.

Rates and runs are monthly, meaning the first through the last day of the month. (Shorter terms and more flexibility with run dates may be offered after the introductory period.)

For single-month contracts, full payment is required before the spot runs; for multiple-month contracts, the first month’s payment is due before the spot runs, and the balance is due monthly thereafter. (During the introductory period, full payment is required up front.)

Sponsors may change the content of their spot within the contract period at any time and the change will go live within three business days. However, new content is also subject to approval by the Editor-in-Chief.

Orion’s sponsorship rates are subject to change at our discretion at any time, but will not be changed during the term of a current contract that is in good standing until the contract expires or comes up for renewal.

In the case of cancellation by the sponsor within two weeks of a scheduled run, the sponsor will forfeit full payment. In the case of a cancellation more than two weeks prior to a scheduled run, a full refund, minus a 10% administrative fee, will be issued.

For further information on Orion’s web traffic, the Orion audience, or for other questions related to becoming an Orion sponsor, contact the Outreach Coordinator at 413/528-4422 or e-mail marketing@orionmagazine.org.

To become a sponsor at Orion’s popular green jobs board visited by thousands of job and internship seekers, send an e-mail to marketing@orionmagazine.org.