The Artist’s Vision

Orion has from the beginning sought out artists and photographers who have an intimate connection to the natural world. Below are some of our favorites that are available online.

Sawdust Mountain
Text and photographs by Eirik Johnson
Inquiries into a damp and diminished landscape.

The Present Future
by Bill McKibben, on the paintings of Alexis Rockman
Paintings for a very hot planet.

Text and photos by Jon Edwards
Making a living from the sea, one handful at a time.

Structural Poetry
Paintings and text by Zsuzsanna Szegedi
Capturing the character of trees.

The Right Side of the Law
Photos by Christopher Lamarca, text by Kathleen Dean Moore
Patriotism (n): love and loyal or zealous support for one’s country.

Return to the Center of the World
Text and photos by Carolyn Drake
Following two storied rivers through Central Asia.