The Great Orion Cover Vote

Hundreds of readers accepted our challenge to help us choose the ten best Orion covers of the magazine’s first three decades. With over 140 choices, and images portraying a variety of birds, bugs, and landscapes—even bombs and barbed wire—many voters told us that it was a hard task. However, clear winners did emerge, and here they are: the ten Orion covers that are our readers’ favorites.

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Winner: November/December 2011

The Finalists:

Summer 1995

Spring 1998

January/February 2007

July/August 2009

May/June 2010

January/February 2012

May/June 2012

November/December 2012

March/April 2013



Thank you to everyone who voted and made this first-ever Orion Cover Vote a success—and a lot of fun.

And, as promised, we’ll raffle off five free sets of postcards to people who voted; the winners will be notified via the e-mail addresses they provided when voting.