Orion Bird Walks

Beginning in about 1998, Orion’s staff has gone on bird walks on Friday mornings in April and May. We meet on a marshy piece of property in Great Barrington that is owned by the Myrin Institute and march around for an hour or so before heading for work. Over the years dozens of staff members, friends, and Great Barrington residents have participated in these walks, and we’ve seen some pretty good birds in the process, including merlin, golden-winged warbler, Brewster’s warbler, and Lincoln’s sparrow.

The 2008 season is off to a slow start — not a lot of birds around yet — but it’s been cool and migration seems to be running a little late. We’re counting on it to heat up a bit.

Left to right: Great Barrington resident Elaine Radiss, OGN intern Silas Branson, and Orion development officer Chris Nye on an Orion bird walk, May 1, 2008.