When the Whales Leave

Milkweed Editions, 2020. $14, 136 pages. Available here. A YOUNG WOMAN named Nau lives alone on the edge of an Arctic sea, where she falls in love with a whale. The Continue reading


Patagonia, 2020. $30, 448 pages. Available here.   IT’S COMMONLY thought that various species of salmon are indicative of the impact of humankind through the fishes’ success, failure, and outright disappearance Continue reading

Owls of the Eastern Ice

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2020. $28, 368 pages. Available here.   JONATHAN SLAGHT, a modern-day knight-errant, adventures deep into the forests of the Russian Far East and returns with a magnetic Continue reading

Tales of Two Planets

Penguin Books, 2020. $18, 320 pages. Available here.   WHEN THE INTRODUCTION has more content and brilliance than most books, you know you are in for a treat in the remaining Continue reading

Leave It As It Is

Simon & Schuster, 2020. $28.00, 352 pages. Available here.   HE’S UP THERE, of course, but he often resides in the shadows, tucked in a granite niche between Jefferson, a man Continue reading